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Like any relationship, there is definitely a line that needs to be drawn and certain, severe behaviors, like the ones listed above, should not be tolerated.

The purpose of this post was just to point out that those with a mental illness should not automatically be feared or rejected based on their diagnosis alone.

So as soon I managed to shake my clan, I quickly left the house under the guise of going for a car wash. “Come slowly or else, I won’t buy tonight,” I threatened. A taller woman, especially if she scores highly on the looks department, is a liability to a man.” “Why is this so? “As they say a man who marries a beautiful woman and a farmer who grows his crops by the roadside have similar problems.

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If a mentally ill person refuses to get help, there is only so much the partner can do.

It is ultimately up to the mentally ill individual to seek and accept help and if they don’t, sometimes walking away from that relationship is the best option.

In the comics, Multiple Man is Jamie Madrox, who, in the comics, conveyed his cloning powers at birth, when a second, identical version of him appeared after the doctor slapped the infant to get him to breathe.

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Yes, there can be various obstacles when dating someone who has a mental illness (some greater than others), but there are difficulties in any relationship.

His cloning abilities drove Madrox to have various collisions and collaborations with both the X-Men and Fantastic Four.