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E.g."I screwed around all through my teens and only stopped when I got married." [Orig. E.g."We've been screwing around, watching TV, drinking, playing pool."Vrb phrs. A genre of dance music which encompasses 'garage' styles with 'dubby' basslines and 'jungle' type 'samples'. Somewhat archaic expression perpetuated by humourous use when mimicking upper class behaviour. Like a child discarding its pacifier (a dummy) in a fit of anger. E.g."He only had the goalkeeper to beat and he spooned it! E.g."He knew squat about football and shouldn't have been refereeing the match." [Orig. Originates from 1980s punk but proliferating during 'thrash' and 'grunge' era of the late 1980s and 1990s. E.g."Come on, get your shit together, the taxi's due in 5 minutes." Verb. E.g."I do my best thinking when I'm on my own, actually usually when I'm shitting." Exclam. Alternatively, in such phrases as "the shit will hit the fan when she discovers the truth". As 'when the shit hits the fan', it warns that severe consequences will be felt when the results of actions are discovered. The act of climbing onto the stage during a gig, to then leap off and be caught by the audience.

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A lifestyle choice based around the philosophy of abstention from things that are considered harmful, such as alcohol, drugs and sexual promiscuity.

Commonly used to denote having the required or desired drugs. Meaning information and heard in expressions such a what's the SP? Sexual intercourse between at least two males and a third party, the recipient (either male or female).

An all purpose expression of satisfaction, contentment. Although in some ways existing for some time, it has only recently been given its contentious name by the music press. E.g."We had an absolutely spiffing time, thanks mainly to Lord Ponsonby's generous gift of! E.g."If you're gonna spit out your dummy over such a minor insult, then I think you need some anger management."Noun. To nestle against one another in bed whilst both facing the same way.

E.g."I've never seen her so angry, she was steaming." Adj./Adv. E.g."That steaming idiot has spent all our holiday money on a new stereo." Noun.

E.g."Keep giving him stick and he'll pack his bags and leave." 2. E.g."He's a bit of a skank, not washing for 5 days and then expecting Debbie to sleep with him."Noun. E.g."I'm not having sloppy seconds, I want to shag her first." Noun. E.g."I was so smacked out I fell asleep where I was. E.g."There was a young couple snogging in the seats behind us, and making such slurping noises that we couldn't hear the film." Noun.