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22-May-2020 05:39

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The first man that ever that peed on me was my husband's best friend.This happened a couple of years ago, after one of our almost regular ********** we had a lot of back then.This is real life not some bullshit story, so it will take a long time, many months maybe even a year or more, who knows. I am not angry about it at all which is surprising to me.with my cousin last weekend (will elaborate if you'd like). It might be a phase or might be something that lasts the rest of my life i don't know.I felt it immediately but I couldn't stop myself... She resembles my wife in a lot of ways, but mine has long hair...

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It was a dare and quite obviously I can't pass up a dare. We always peed in weird places together it wasn't unusual for us to be playing outside and both of us run... The weather was great today and my husband and I spent some time in the backyard. Inevitably we made a mess because we both liked to hold until we were about to burst, and neither of us could drink that much pee at once. I had begun to dominate her in little ways and the way she responded told me that she wanted more. I've enjoyed golden showers by men for a long time.

I was drinking with my friend Sam, Linda, and Stacy. She won't pee directly on my face, but because she faces my feet as I lay on the floor, I've got her to bend over more so that the pee is directed further up my chest and finally into my mouth. The experience leaves me craving for more sex again. I discovered this at an early age, but didn't know what it was. We were playing in an old shed and she suggested this. i was curious about golden showers, i was with someone who after we had sex..kind of during, he started to pee and it turned me on.