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Once he’s come to terms with all of that, a time traveller shows up and breaks Rufus’s original inexplicable girlfriend Toni’s crystal glass collection.The entire first act of the game is spent agonisingly repeating the same humourless or outright repulsive sequences and collecting the same inventory objects as you are forced to reverse time (at least) twice to find a way to prevent the glasses getting broken.Every scene, despite being lusciously drawn and animated, is barren of things to do.Highlighting interactive objects is necessary because there are so incredibly few of them in busy backgrounds, usually only two or three things in any screen.Cue Toni kicking the shit out of him for something, and his emerging from the bar in a pink dress, wig, and awkward make-up, clutching at his groin. Rufus can insult her in a series of ways, but the key one is to point out that her legs are too hairy for her to be a woman (no, really), and then, through a convoluted and ludicrous sequence of puzzles that your brain would switch off if I tried to plot out, you get her some wax in exchange for her “ladyshave” electric razor.This, we’re asked to enjoy, means she’s come to realise she’s a woman. You know, so you can shave off the fake beard you stuck to a child’s face and then got covered in bees. She’s so fat she couldn’t break bones from a long fall!Opportunities for clever time travel gags, or Bill & Ted style planning, are all ignored.

This, sadly, includes his eventual faux-noble sacrifice.There’s no attempt to flag if you’re doing the right thing at the wrong time (which could be too early or too late given the time travel and, no hinting that you might need to make one irrational leap to succeed at another irrational leap you’re currently trying to make.No structure, no thought at all put into how a player is going to encounter such entirely random situations.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

(On top deliberately insulting portions, the game is so astonishingly thoughtless. It’s like being trapped inside a 1970s sitcom hell.

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