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26-Jan-2020 02:48

While I understand and appreciate the intent of the experiment I find the choice of news sources & voters troubling.

On one hand you have mainstream centralist media like the New York Times & liberal NPR while the conservative sources are among the more extremist ones.

I supposed to reach out to rural voters this year to seek common ground ! My concern with this experiment is using someone who is somewhat unstable to begin with as a participant.

Might be a challenge even if they have same views as my relatives in Pennsylvania who I could never agree with ! If I ever got to the point where I said, "I had to turn it off because I got so irate I literally feel like I want to kill somebody." I would seek professional therapy.

The news media, I my opinion, has played a major part in widening the gap between people with liberal and conservative points of view. With the exception of John Mc Cullough (and maybe some Sean Hannity) making anyone listen to The Patriot for any length of time is just pure torture!

On the radio, I believe Frank Beckmann does the best job of giving air time to people on both sides of an issue. Jo Ann Van Tassel I think that you highlight the major problem without even noticing... I'd recommend listening to Michigan's Big Show or Thayrone X if you want something a little more entertaining and informative.

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The problem is that some media sources lean one way definitely or another but aren't overt, NPR for example.

But when most Republicans and Democrats come from two different worlds, such hoped-for teamwork is not likely to ever happen. Loved both sides comments but see how hard it's going to be to bridge this gap !

I know nearly everyone says they want to see more cooperation between the two political parties when it comes to running government.

Yes, I do follow the sources you mention above and others for even more in-depth. Ah, here is the chart I was looking for - it gives news sources and their "range" of political leanings.

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That is the key - what is the background and connections to the story/info being presented? Future comparative articles might benefit if this chart were used to select listeners of comparative sources: I purposefully read numerous news sources for information and try to piece the real story together with the reports that I read.