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Like, if I wanted somebody to stand there and look tough, I just said, “John Wayne,” and they got it.It was a wonderful exercise in adaptation, because I couldn’t communicate with them the way we’re doing right now.SOISSON: You know, you can’t help dialing in a little bit of that “Beware! You’ve seen a lot of movies and heard a lot of stories about how predatory the Internet is—that’s kind of the new suspense medium of the age—but what I found intriguing about this idea was how much it mirrored the situation of kids in Bangkok, the students and the backpackers who go there to reinvent themselves, and the anonymity they have there to do anything they want.

This Friday, August 22, he explores the dark side of the Internet as scripter and helmer of CAM2CAM, which IFC Films releases on VOD and in select theaters under its IFC Midnight banner.It’s a return to Net-centric terror for Soisson, who previously directed a pair of better-than-expected sequels to the American remake of PULSE among others, and whose many producing credits include 1986’s TRICK OR TREAT, THE PROPHECY and its follow-ups (two of which he also helmed), DRACULA 2000 and the ensuing franchise, FEAST and PIRANHA 3DD.FANGORIA: Was CAM2CAM a project you initiated, or were you brought on board after it started development?I was excited about all the potential of the streets of Bangkok and the crazy nightlife and the cloak-and-dagger stuff; I didn’t realize that I’d be spending half my life figuring out how to get emoticons to be scary []. CAM2CAM has gotten quite a bit of attention for having PRETTY LITTLE LIARS’ Tammin Sursok in the lead.

SOISSON: You know, Tammin and Jade Tailor, who plays the girl in the opening scene, were the only two actors in the entire movie who I had met before we started filming.

Michael Gingold has been a member of the FANGORIA team for the past three decades.