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23-Feb-2020 18:43

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Here I’m referring to the little conversational mannerisms that seem strange to a foreign ear yet make the French language so charming. At first, I barely noticed these sounds because many are subtle.

What it sounds like: Pronounced kind of like “up” in English or like “hop” without the “h.” Way a French person uses this noise: Equates to “there we go” or said when finishing a physical movement.Activists argue that the age of consent should be set at 15.They waved placards that read 'for him impunity, for her a life sentence' (pictured right) in reference to a 30-year-old man recently being cleared of raping an 11-year-old.Way a French person uses this noise: Used as a transition or just to fill up silence. Like when the postal employee’s computer screen freezes and the line is out the door (happened last week), she “growled” out of frustration. 😉 Way an American uses this noise: Same type of sound but less in the throat I’d say.

It seems to be popular whenever there’s a natural pause in speech, maybe a conversation ending, that may be combined with an action. Maybe also used from time to time when your wife leaves an empty roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. What it sounds like: Sounds like “tack.” Way a French person uses this noise: One example is when you are crossing things off a list or accomplishing a small task.

The beautiful French language — the language of love, charm and unimaginable frustration when you set out to learn it.

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