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22-Apr-2020 11:59

Plenty were quite cute--like one guy in argyle sweater, another in a fisherman's cap, and a third in a pin-striped suit. Another guy stood up, after our three minutes were over, and told me that he, too, was a writer. (A good range of sartorial styles, too, come to think of it.)# "DO YOU IDENTIFY AS A NERD? I picked up on the vibe that I should lead the conversation, so I started off with, "Really, what does this mean--'nerdiness'--you know? I mean, like, do you really even indetify as a nerd? I mean, I went to a comic book convention last weekend."Oh. Storm Troopers Nerd Humor Nerd Funny Geek Humor Storms Starwars Clocks So True Funny Pictures Forward.Macbook Stickers Macbook Decal Mac Stickers Apple Stickers Apple Logo Apple Pies Vinyls Laptops Apples Forward. Ben's also got a book out which is packed full of awesome.But if I waited until I knew what I was doing, I’d never get anywhere (3), so I went for it. Booze makes me sleepy, and putting my head on the table for a mid-date nap would have been a Bad Idea. (4) This flummoxed them long enough for me to redirect the conversation to interests, and it was true, so I’m considering it a win. It’s difficult to recover from that kind of crushing dismay. I did encounter several people who made excellent conversation and became more attractive the longer I talked to them (8). Now I am hoping you will use the comments section to share your own stories about trying scary new things that turned out to be awesome and/or hilarious. (1) I have tried and tried, but I cannot get her to write complete sentences. (3) Credit where credit is due: this is misquoted from Muriel Duckworth, who was probably paraphrasing G. Feel free to borrow/steal/modify the line for your own scripts, and do let me know if it works for you. I mean, I bet you that Conan O'Brien, the novelist Jonathan Franzen, at least some of the guys in Grizzly Bear and the founders of Twitter were pretty big nerds. Then 26 guys rotate from one table to the next, speaking to the different women for a total of three minutes.

and at the end of the night, everyone submits a list of the speed-daters they'd like to see again. There was no way around that: He was a bona-fide, heavy-duty nerd of the first degree.

I made my way into the pub, exchanged for a name-tag that stubbornly refused to adhere to my clothing, and headed directly to the bar.

Armed with a drink (2), I wandered into the crowd and tried not to act like a terrified alien.

Let me take a moment here to say I always think the term "nerd" is a funny one when it comes to describing most grown-ups. )# THE LOGISTICS OF SPEED-DATING So it was that Arlo and I went to Nerd Nite Speed-Dating--with my buddy Don Hooks in tow. (Man, I'm glad I only write for a living and don't have to audtion all the time, like actors; imagine always seeing exactly who you're up against every time? Arlo kinda liked the female in question, so he was outraged.

I mean, many people who might have been "nerds" in, say, high school go on to become huge professional successes. Here's how it was set-up: 26 women take their seats at the bar's 26 tables.

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