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The Gibson hang tag in the case has a different serial number to the guitar so is obviously not a reliable source.

Strings While a circumstantial long shot the strings in the case can also provide some useful evidence.

On a number of brands such as Fender and Standel a date is written either on the base of the neck or on the guitar body where the neck joins.

Removing the neck should not be undertaken lightly and if the neck is not a bolt on – then please don’t try this at home.

This article examines the following scenarios: Seems a bit obvious, and in many cases it is.

In the most straightforward of cases the luthier will write his/her name, the date of manufacture and even who the guitar was made for on a label smack in the middle of the sound hole like this: Now we start getting into more serious surgery.

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This example of a receipt that came with a 1939 Aloha guitar shows that even though the receipt was not completed the hard printed 193? More obvious examples are of course the hang tags that come with many guitars such as this example from a 2002 Paul Reed Smith Singlecut. My most recent acquisition is a 2002 Les Paul Classic.

I was contacted by a US owner who had an unmarked guitar that came with this set of strings.

Black Diamond is still in business and responded to my query with a suggestion that although Black Diamond strings have been made since 1890 the packaging suggested 1930s or 40s.

The neck pocket like this Michael Kinal guitar body.

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Scenario 2 – the date is hidden inside a serial number Assuming you cannot find a date on the guitar, the next step if to find a serial number. It must be noted that not all serial numbers have meaning but in many cases the serial number includes date of manufacture and other information. Once you have found the serial number it is simply a matter of referring to a resource to decode the number/letters.In some cases you may have to refer to the manufacturer.