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19-Dec-2019 16:09

School: The incident took place on May 14 at South Fort Myers High School (pictured).

The girl, who had only been at the school two weeks, had gone into a bathroom to talk to a boy she had a crush on.

For a girl, Ericsson uses Clomid® since, despite the lack of science, he suggests it can increase the number of girls born.

The Micro Sort process sorts sperm by male and female by a process that measures differences in the DNA.

There are other methods of sex selection, including pre-pregnancy diets to alter the p H balance of your body, timing methods that differ from the Shettles Method, O 12, supplements, and positioning.

These low tech methods are not as accurate as Micro Sort® and PGD and are sometimes dangerous.

While nothing much goes with the story, I still feel entertained by this episode especially after we get to see Carrie try to move on with Mr Big.This is the most effective technique in sex selection.With nearly 100% accuracy and the ability to select not only sex but a healthy embryo makes it very popular.The pregnancy rate for using an IUI cycle is 15.6% and the overall IVF/ICSI clinical pregnancy rate is 32%.

This method does not appear to be currently available in the US.

If you didn't want to find out for sure but part of you is still DYING to know, maybe some of these sex prediction tests will help.