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23-Mar-2020 17:47

Besides the park and water surfaces, the remaining grid cells of the model have the identical land use class, which is either sparse residential area (LU1) representative for Vienna suburban areas, or medium dense residential area (LU3) representative for the Vienna city centre.The urban park is simulated with a tree density of 28 %.To examine the impact of different water temperatures on the urban climate, simulations were performed for two water temperatures, 18 °C and 23 °C which span the range of possible water temperatures during the summer months.The impact of the heat load mitigation measures refer, if not mentioned otherwise, to the temperature changes within the built-up surroundings. To minimize the influence of boundary effects on the urban climate, the first 5 boundary grid cells in each direction were excluded from the evaluation.The climate warming trend and city growth contribute to the generation of excessive heat in urban areas.This could be reduced by introducing vegetation and open water surfaces in urban design.

Additionally, the modelling results show that equal heat load mitigation measures may have different efficiency dependent on location in the city due to the prevailing meteorological conditions and land use characteristics in the neighbouring environment.), the maximum summer temperature in southern and Central Europe is very likely to increase by the end of the 21st century.

The temperature reduction and the size of the cooled surface are largest in densely built-up environments.

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