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14-Feb-2020 01:14

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It’s not worth taking the risks in the long run for the sake of fleeting sexual satisfaction.We can all masturbate, and apparently it’s good for the planet.Especially if you’re not sure about the person, it’s best to stay on the cautious side.

The more people who report fakers and fraudsters, the less chance they can proliferate and harm others.

They can also see if you’re not where you’re meant to be.

Or if you got too drunk and need that special friend to book you a cab home. If you agree what you’re meeting up for – whether that’s a date, a hook-up or something more specific – then check you’re on the same wavelength beforehand. That way you’ll know if things start to go differently and should feel more confident to say something before they go awry.

Following the news that four men were murdered after meeting Stephen Port on Grindr, Pink News runs through some tips to stay safe on dating apps.

Whether it’s Grindr, Growlr, Her, Hornet, Scruff or Tinder, there’s nothing strange about using a phone app to find dates and sex.Almost everyone on datings apps is just like you: looking for romance and/or someone to hang out with for a bit.

It’s recommended that you follow the steps in the manufacturer’s website.… continue reading »

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But then again, we don't know what the specific allegations are," said Reyes.… continue reading »

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