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China introduces himself as being part of the Asia class, and that he's famous so she should have at least heard of him before (though she hasn't).

Seychelles still expresses confusion over the location of her class, but China offers to lead her to the Africa class.

there are 7 different types of endings, but 20 overall. Min Min has a big fight ahead of her, but she's made the critical error of forgetting to use the bathroom before getting started.

Can she hold out and manage a win, or will she suffer a humiliating and wet defeat?

Seychelles states that the only friends she has on the island are the sea life, but her grandfather insists that she'll be able to succeed if she tries hard.

Seychelles answers that she'll do her best, even if her flag and national emblem are lame and she'll surely be bullied.

When you are in the bedroom, you can rub his legs or go for his shoulder, which makes him take off his shirt.

From there, you are on your own, so have a fun in a Canada Hetalia anime sim .

Seychelles decides to ask China about the classes, unsure of where she belongs in the school.

Seychelles explains that she was living peacefully in her set of islands, but that the European nations forced her to enroll at the academy.

She laments at how "terrible" the world is, and at her lack of talents and confidence.

Seychelles then asks China if she can pet his panda...

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Seychelles introduces herself to the other students of the Africa class.She narrates that the school was founded recently, and that it imparts education to other countries in hopes of achieving world peace.

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