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06-Dec-2019 17:46

Hollander (2004) suggested: 'Nagging questions remain, in particular, why such fine human beings must invest so much time and energy in the search for suitable partners?Are these self presentations largely wishful fantasies, or exaggerations of traits possessed" (p75).Within the realm of Internet dating additional research should be conducted on ways individuals choose to re-frame their identities in light of the potentially artificial environment that dating anonymously might elicit.Previously conducted research has suggested that virtual reality is enveloped within physical reality.One such developing interest to researchers is the way humans create and re-create their personal identities.

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The rapid expansion of single person households, especially among professional classes who are most likely to have Internet access in their homes, provides a context for this phenomenon.

Markus and Nurius (1986) demonstrated that possible selves play an important role in the identity re-creation process.