Interracial dating in plainfield indiana

06-Mar-2020 13:02

I lived in Fort Wayne for 3 months and it was horrible. I had such a horrible time, because everywhere I went white people were always giving me dirty looks. One time I had a neighbor call the cops because I was exercising outside. People from there are ignorant, uneducated, and racist.

I honestly don't know how my uncles could live there. Indiana should be on top of the list totally racist people on certain campuses will arrest you just for being black, your ignored, just by how you dress can get you locked up, even police in your own university like TU in Upland will run you off campus even if you show school ID, not a place for people of color I am white.

If a white person ignores you, don't get offended because just because someone ignores you doesn't mean they're racist.

Just remember the same race as you can also ignore you, hit you, beat you, etc.

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People here pride themselves on being color-blind and then say the most stupid racist stuff. I have had to point out what seems like blatant racist stuff to people that are convinced they don't have a racist bone in their bodies. There is a smug need to be the I was born, 1977, and raised in a small town in Indiana.

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