Intimidating persona

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If anyone tries to confront him about his life's emptiness, having no friends or accomplishments, he lashes out into a state of anger and ignorance.Although he is so often alone and looked down upon, Mitsuo has an extreme need for attention, whether it be positive or negative.Mitsuo asks again and upon Yukiko's declination, he angrily says "Fine! He would be later seen standing across the street from Tatsumi Textiles, complaining about daily life.After the rescue of Rise Kujikawa, the protagonist's homeroom teacher, Kinshiro Morooka is killed by blunt force trauma.

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While they have serious doubts about his role in the murders, the Investigation Team decide to brave his dungeon to question him directly.As the party scales the dungeon, Mitsuo loses his grip on reality.He thinks of killing Mayumi, Saki and Morooka as video game fights, complete with fictional stat increases ('Excitement increases by 4! ') When the Protagonist reaches the Endgame, he finds Mitsuo yelling at his shadow, who refuses to say anything — even when Mitsuo hurls a hysterical question at him, the shadow only replies that he is 'nothing.' Mitsuo wildly denies his Shadow's claim that he is nothing and continues to state that he is the true murderer.Mitsuo showcases the symptoms of a "power-trip" in which he acts hostile to anyone who approaches him, even going so far as to attempt to physically hurt Nanako, a child half his age and size.

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Knowing he cannot showcase his "strength" in public, he turns to the internet where he can anonymously brag about being the serial killer in Inaba, although nobody believes him.

This makes him self-centered, delusional, attention-dependent and aggressive.