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09-May-2020 15:41

I barely remenber the full history but what I can remember is a chase of 2 or 3 children (siblings?not sure) by a murder with a tattoo on his wrist, peharps was filmed in britain but not sure.After that a big pool party take place instead the posh one. From what I remember, an American girl moves to this house that I believe is her step father's or something.She starts seeing things and I think her little brother is effected. This was it, my appointment time had arrived and as I sat there waiting eagerly in the doctors waiting room I could feel the hairs on my arm start to rise, my stomach getting the feeling like it's all tied in knots, I just wanted to get in there to see him, my doctor was fresh out of med school he was young, tall dark hair and had the most piercing hazel/grey eyes that you can ever imagine.When he just looked at you, you couldn't help but just melt as he gives you that smile.

It's not a recent movies, as in the last 5 yrs or so. There was this movie that I can't seem to find no matter how much I describe and relate it. It takes place in the early to mid 90s, in a city in the USA, probably the east end cities like New York or Chicago.

I think the girl was blonde, wore quite loose fitting short dresses I seem to remember.

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