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The latest storm path from the NOAA forecasts that Irma will bring hurricane conditions to Florida by Saturday night.The eye of the storm will reach the US on Sunday morning, and is likely to make landfall.

Tuesday, the storm was upgraded to a Category 5, with winds in excess of 185 miles per hour and gusts over 200 miles per hour.

Amy Concak, a Fort Walton Beach resident, said she was stocking up on water and goods in the event family members attending the University of Miami and University of Florida were forced to evacuate to her home. “I’ve been through Category 3 and Category 4 [hurricanes] in my life and I haven’t evacuated for those.

But always expect the unexpected.” Audrey Folendore had several cases of water in her shopping cart.

We are just really monitoring it and pushing the preparedness right now.” Residents stock up At a local Walmart on Tuesday morning, customers were getting a head start on those preparations by stocking up on cases of bottled water and canned goods.

The water aisle was nearly cleared by a.m., and an associate said the store was anticipating large shipments later Tuesday."We're encouraging personnel to go through their checklist, get their gas and water. We'll continue to monitor the direction of the storm in the coming days.