Is he dating other women

13-Mar-2020 16:51

The thing is, the world is not going to change overnight. If it’s love, then why does it have to be this hard or have to come at the expense of someone else's happiness? Love is not defined by your situation or someone else’s. It happened, despite your best efforts, despite your morals, despite your upbringing, despite every single one of your friends telling you otherwise, here you are. You cannot stop thinking, does he love the other woman? And I know your motives aren’t based on some need to destroy another relationship or marriage. Love is not limited to whether or not the person that you want is with someone else. PLUS you could even find a guy you like more and that’s even more compatible than what’s-his-name who you’re dating now.Find out if you are being used by a man Finding out he’s dating other women is a blessing in disguise. He grew up just as many others – in a dysfunctional, but loving family.only dating you I’d still recommend that you see other people!In fact, if you’re in the relatively early stages of the relationship (months ladies, not weeks! Once you realize he’s not dating you exclusively, you need to drop the “woe is me” act and get back into the dating scene!Yes, that truth hurts, but wouldn’t you rather know that he’s still out there looking?

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If you take my advice and date other guys, suddenly you’ll have tons of options and this one guy won’t seem as irreplaceable as he does now.It will remain that way until you step out from behind the shadows. If love is not wrong, then neither is what you are doing.