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17-Dec-2019 17:38

Jeremy Lin has been a fun story to watch unfold, but if there’s one thing that could end the fun quickly, it would be to watch Kim Kardashian pretend to give a damn about him from the sidelines just to boost ratings for her garbage reality show (and yes, I can say that because I’ve watched it before).

While I’m ranting, I just want to remind everyone that we know who she is because of a sex tape with Ray-J. Back to Lin: There is no public information about Jeremy Lin’s dating history up till now.

"She thinks [Jeremy] is cute, and she's good friend's with [his teammate Carmelo Anthony's wife] La La.

It's going to be a double date," a friend told the gossip site.

It's going to be a double date," the unidentified friend told Media Take Out.

According to Mediatakeout, the 23-year-old Taiwanese-American is going on a date with the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star, set up by her publicist.Jeremy Lin believes Asian people have an uphill battle when it comes to making it in America -- essentially saying basketball players and non-athletes of Asian descent are "underestimated" in the U. The Brooklyn Nets star was giving an interview in Mandarin Chinese to an ESPN reporter when he was asked how he felt about NBA summer league standouts Zhou Qi and Ding Yanyuhang, both from mainland China."I’m very happy and hope they can perform well," Lin said. S., a lot of -- doesn’t matter if it's basketball players or people in other professions -- they look at Chinese people or Asians and they surely will underestimate us." "So I think if we can have more Asian basketball players it will help our masculinity a lot." It's not the first time Lin has talked about the way Asian men are viewed in American society -- back in April, he gave an interview saying Asian men are viewed differently (and unfairly) from sports to dating ... However, we don't know their s3xuality, so it's wrong to run around callin them gay. But there's nothin wrong with it and there's nothin wrong with being gay.

However, we don't know their s3xuality, so it's wrong to run around callin them gay. In a new interview, the reality TV star says, "I would just want it to be so special, with our family and close friends, and that's it. No cameras." She was also spotted out on a lunch date with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush at the Beverly Hills Hotel this past weekend, but the Miami Dolphins running back told TMZ they're not getting back together. Should Jeremy Lin go on a date with Kim Kardashian?