Joe jonas dating nikki reed

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“On my way to present at @variety 's #powerofwomen luncheon and this is my hot date,” she captioned the photo. The post came just days after Ian apologized for a joke he made about messing with Nikki's birth control to force her into pregnancy."We decided that we wanted to have children together, and it was just time."However, if this somehow sheds a light on a topic that definitely needs mainstream attention, then we are grateful for the unintended consequence." "It's a shame that outlets chose this as their way into a very serious discussion, as we are certainly not qualified to be the faces of this topic." "We are two happily married people who chose TOGETHER to have a baby. In the words of Gretchen Weiners, "Ex-boyfriends are just like, off limits to friends" — and that's usually true, in the real world.Ian took swift action and turned to Instagram with a lengthy statement to reveal that he and Nikki both wanted to have a child and that he most certainly did not tamper with her birth control. "We never expect a lighthearted interview we did poking fun at EACH OTHER and how WE chose together to get pregnant, a goofy moment in Barcelona with our two best friends and the anticipation of the start of our journey together as we went from two to three, to turn into something representing a very serious matter," his post began. with the desert-set tale of Jane (Reed), a newly crowned rodeo queen who goes missing, and her friend Heidi (Wright), who uncovers secrets and encounters the violence of life on the road while searching for her pal.Philip Gray and Mark Lee are producers on the film, which has a November shoot planned for California’s San Bernardino County.

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Emma started dating actor Alex Pettyfer when they met on the set of their movie in 2008, and things got so serious, Alex even got Emma's name tattooed on his finger.The couple was photographed cuddling in the streets and going on dates before they called it quits.Later that year, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift met on the set of .Joe and Nick later ditched their rings and both of them have spoken and sang about sex as they please.

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, the pair were spotted getting cozy at the party and later left together.

On-screen, they played a high school couple who were totally obsessed with each other, and irl, things were basically the same.