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October 22, 2011 I walked past a large chalkboard downtown Brooklyn that encouraged people to finish the statement: Before I die I want to…So I wrote on it.I’m not afraid to admit I worship the ground on which Dave Chappelle walks.When I got to Will Call this is how the exchange went (around pm): Me: Hello, I’m supposed to have a ticket under my name. Me: This might sound crazy but I’m a friend of Chappelle’s and he told me he was going to leave my name at the door. She: Well maybe you can try the stage door around the corner?

” "Did you really just fly to Memphis like a dummy and waste a day of your life? There’s no way the Universe would bring you all the way here to not let you get in. On the way I passed a ticket scalper and noted him as a my favorite comedy special and I can quote every line from it because I’ve seen it dozens of times.My living inspiration and idol in comedy is this man.(ask me about it and ill tell you in person :-)The question that I’ve been getting the most thus far: Is Chappelle making a come back? All I can say is let’s hope and pray, not only for my own selfish reasons of wanting to be his opener on the tour, but honestly because I miss his voice.

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Our generation needs his perspective, especially in this political climate.

The first time we met was in Los Angeles my first year in comedy: 2007. After this marathon performance I had the opportunity to talk to him and take a picture.