Learn japanese dating

01-Jun-2020 17:19

No matter where you turn, you’re always going to happen across romantic situations.So, why not familiarize yourself with some ラブラブの言葉 (らぶらぶのことば – lovey-dovey words)?Japan focuses heavily on homogeneity, so try not to stick out too much from the norm when approaching that person you like and asking them out.It might seem like slippery slope with tonnes of hidden pitfalls, but follow our advice and you’ll be fine!From Eskimo kisses to Southeast Asia’s sniff-kiss, affection is displayed differently across the globe.

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It’s said to be too formal, and sounds strange and old fashioned.*** So you’ve mastered some phrases and you’ve got a better feel for the dating culture! If you really want to be able to communicate with your potential partner, and if you want a deeper understanding of both the Japanese language and it’s rich culture, contact us and see if there is a Japanese course that fits your needs!