Lebanon dating beirut romance women

08-Dec-2019 10:25

The Lebanese are always willing to help complete strangers, with directions, free food and water, invitations to their house for tea and coffee.

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The common name, Kareem, literally means “generous”.As I will explore further in my next blog post, there is a materialistic undertone to the Lebanese society that pushes young women (and interestingly enough, young men) to meet impossible standards of beauty.1) A smart yet very sexy women- men are picky, they wanna be able to have a challenging conversation with a girl yet they want her to resemble somewhat of a cover-girl.A decent salary in Lebanon for an experienced engineer is ,000 a month, or ,000 per year. A guy can be handsome or come from a good family, but it’s the second passport to a country with opportunity that elicits the strongest reaction from friends and family. In Lebanon children stay in their parents’ house until they get married, even if they are over 30.

Compare this to the starting salary for an engineer straight out of college in the US, at -60,000 a year, and Lebanon’s devastating brain drain is understandable. Unlike in the US, where being in your mid-20s and still living in your parents’ basement is considered horribly embarrassing, in Lebanon the opposite is true, especially for young women. Virtually all of my Lebanese friends do not know how to cook, and each week go home to their parents’ house and get food from their mothers to reheat throughout the week.

( ) 3)She needs to be confident enough to not complain about her body, yet cool enough to share a good hearty meal with him, ya3ni if he feels like having Barbar after the Sahra- she better not complain about her weight.