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10-Apr-2020 06:22

I´m direct, open and honest and I don´t suffer fools gladly, though we´re all fools and foolish at times.

I´m looking to meet women who are creative, intelligent, emotionally grown up, I´m a chatty friendly up - beat sorta person .

I strongly dislike these things- i can never fit myself into a little space like this.

Music, churchy stuff, my family and friends are the I´m passionate about music and all else i care about.

I Hey :) I am just looking to get to know someone super cool & just as upfront & fun as myself. I'm brutally Honest & respect that in another person. I am laid back and Love driving going new places meeting new people. Looking for genuine fun people with good sense of humour and enjoy movies and doing fun things.

I like a great smile and a gentle nature Games freeeee Well am a very loving and carling person, touchy feeling who likes lots of cuddles, am a very bubbly person, full of fun and bit cheeky but of course in a nice way. I prefer non butch My interests..where to begin..music is my addiction!

Guess I am a wee, fun, friendly girl, who is into nature and the outdoors. I don´t take life to serious and up for a laugh :) don´t really drink much but when I do I really let my hair down.

I enjoy workn out as iam ttyn to get myself in shape, and live a heatlther life I love love to paint (crap at portraits, wish I wasn´t) but good at still life!

:) Love keeping in shape, love travelling and trying new things and living life to the fullest...love Ru pauls drag race aaaaaa!!!!

I love cinema and think Im a bit of a movie buff...

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Im talkative,sociable and like a dash of anthropology.

Hi, I'm sincere , honest and open, also intelligent, thoughtful and a good listener. I also love films, concerts, art, theatre & politics. Im fun, im not daft, i like people and generally people like me. The most loveable of people, I tend to I am who I am, I´m not a label or a typical stereotype, i´m just me and nor am i Scottish lol Born in Southampton, lived in Bristol for many years also lived near Manchester too. I´m easy to get on ENIGMA If I've caught your attention, I'll now shatter the illusion by providing the remainder of my profile... Criminal defence paralegal but also qualified in family and civil law.

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