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14-Jul-2020 11:47

I think that's what makes the web such a great stage for me.I'd encourage anyone that's interested in setting up a webcam to do so.Thank you for visiting the Basha Lounge Webcam, the greatest Live dorm webcam in the world, and possibly the one of the oldest webcams.This dorm cam was (not so) recently featured in the May 99 issue of yahoo internet life. And also feel free to drop us a line to tell us what you think about our live dorm webcam here at MIT in Boston.But I'm not satisfied yet, my education in graphics and programming websites is just beginning. I have a Bachelor's degree already in Biology, but that didn't pan out the way I'd hoped, and so I've returned to school to study Computer Science.I'm also a Resident Assistant (RA), which puts an interesting spin on my webcam.Part of the idea to start the cam also stemmed from a quote I heard when I received the position, "An RA lives her/his life in a fishbowl". I make sure that other students are following the rules of the Residence Hall, as a result, everyone has their eye on me and whether I am following the very thing I am asking them to do. I don't find following the rules a problem, so that doesn't really inconvenience me, but I thought, what if I took this a step farther?

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