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If you keep the color wheel in mind when deciding which colors or color “families” work well together, you won’t go wrong.

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Check out the following wheel: OK, the color wheel lesson is over!

I thought it would be beneficial to know the actual color combining rules and where they come from, so you can make smart, informed wardrobe choices.

Triad colors: These are three hues (colors), which are equally spaced on the color wheel.

Combining triad colors gives a safe balance and harmony when wearing an outfit with three colors.Chances are most of us don’t wear these exact colors too often; however, we do wear varying colors and shades of the color wheel. Check out the expanded color wheel below, which includes a multitude of colors that stem from the original colors in the first chart. Expanded Color Wheel When referring to colors and their various shades, there are terms to use, which give accuracy to their description.