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29-Jan-2020 16:52

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this has to be the worst online dating site I've come across.Honestly 99.99999% of all profiles on Mingle2are scammers.this local had not previously shown up in my many searches. within 5 hours of his initial contact his profile was deleted.

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all young and beautiful photos but ironically not a single one uses social media to verify them.also i could not delete that particular message from my profile inbox.to explore the idea of scammers on MINGLE2 i went back to the search engine and found the 'scammer' site associated with MINGLE2, they are one and the after reading some of the posted threads on their forum i noticed that it's the same few members in southern USA that try their best to answer all post's and reply with a load of convincing hogwash.Corresponded with 3 females over a period of a month or 2.

After a while they all wanted an i Tunes card sent to them or money sent via a money order.I played with one scammer, just for fun and within a day they told me how deeply in love they are with me , then they came at me with an incredibly lame sob story , trying to hustle me for money. As much as I like using the site and find it simple and fun, ive had no dates yet. I've had interest and ive been interested, but nobody has 'grabbed' me at this point.