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Clemson fans took out tons of bills from local banks, stamped them with the school's signature orange tiger paw logo, and spent them all over Atlanta, Georgia, to show the buying power of the Tiger faithful.To this day, Clemson fans still travel to away games with plenty of bills on hand to make their presence known.Today, there are rules concerning which wins merit a memorial: the Seminoles must be underdogs, or the victory must be in a championship or bowl game.The University of Colorado Boulder's mascot is a buffalo, which is cool -- buffaloes are big and intimidating, and millions of their cousins -- the bison -- once roamed the mountains and prairies of Colorado long before football stadiums existed.

From the floors and ceilings to the lockers and even the urinals, visiting teams to the Iowa Hawkeyes' Kinnick Stadium are greeted with an entire locker room coated entirely in a Pepto-Bismol-y shade of pink. Before his career as a football coach, Fry earned a master's degree in psychology where he learned about the emotional effects of color, hence the pink hue that greets visitors to Iowa's stadium.

(CNN) - Ever since the first American football game in 1869, teams and their fans have concocted rituals to show support for their favorite teams.

College football fans have arguably created some of the most recognized and bizarre ones.

In the week leading up to the game, former Auburn star Terry Henley had boasted that his Tigers would "beat the No.

2 out of Alabama." Sure enough, they eked out a 17-16 win over the Tide, and the tradition of adorning Toomer's Corner in toilet paper was born. But there are no remains in this graveyard -- just clumps of grass stolen from opponents' fields and then buried beneath headstones.

Well, at Auburn University's famed Toomer's Corner, these antics are sanctioned -- even encouraged -- to celebrate gridiron conquests.

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