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Sinclair became the Earl of Orkney and Lord of Shetland when he was only 24, holding his appointment at the pleasure of King Hakon VI of Norway. He had authority to stamp coins, make laws, remit crimes, wear a crown, and have a sword carried before him.

He had already been rewarded by King David of Scotland for a successful raid into England, gaining the title of Lord Sinclair and the position of Lord Chief Justice of Scotland.

Other claims of early travels to the Americas include Arab merchants as mentioned in a Chinese story first written in 1178 AD.

The Book of Mormon states that some ancient inhabitants of the New World are descendants of Semitic peoples who sailed from the Old World.

His father, Sir William Sinclair, also died in battle while fighting the Lithuanians from a base in Prussia in 1358. As a child, Henry Sinclair was trained in martial exercises with sword, spear, and bow and arrow.

He spoke Latin and French and became a Templar Knight at the age of 21 years.

That would place Zheng He’s efforts some 70 years ahead of Columbus.

The settlement was later abandoned and the surviving colonists returned to Greenland.He helped conquer the Faeroe Islands and took into his service the Venetian travelers, Niccolo and Antonio Zeno.Niccolo Zeno would later write narratives of his travels, including detailed accounts of Henry Sinclair’s adventures. He may have written truth or possibly fables, nobody can be sure.There are indications that the Norse were in what is now Canada in the late 900s but proof is lacking until the year 1001 AD.

According to the Icelandic sagas, Leif Ericson, son of Eric the Red, traveled to what is now North America in 1001 AD and spent the winter there before returning to Greenland.In 1398 he reportedly led an expedition westward to explore what is now Nova Scotia and Massachusetts.