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03-May-2020 08:19

In addition, if you were withdrawn as you were not well enough to continue with your studies, you should attach current medical evidence to your application to indicate that you are now well enough to resume your studies.

You may be required to submit work for scrutiny before being allowed to resume your study.

Exclusive An unpleasant Monday morning kicked off when my personal email account popped up a message of thanks for joining You Tube rival Vimeo.

Seven minutes later, I visited the website, where I was confronted by a sexually explicit video stating I was a pedophile.

Victims are identified via social media, dating, webcam or adult pornography sites, recorded, and then warned to pay up if they don’t want their family and friends to find out what they were up to – sometimes in an email purporting to come from the police themselves.

It is, by some accounts, quite a money spinner, and is becoming an increasing problem – not least because victims are unlikely to go to the police.

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More often than not, such extortion is devastating for the victim and can lead to further abuse.For further information please contact the Student Registry ([email protected]).