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A quick search online shows that many other brands including Wonderbra, Undiz and Next, are now calling their previous 'nude' shades names like 'skin' and 'neutral,' but whilst Next now offers 'chocolate' and 'mocha' darker shades of shapewear, most of the other brands remain woefully white.

n a shopping trip last year I scoured Bravissimo for a simple nude t-shirt bra, and after ages looking I asked a fitter for help finding one – my mother had already found and paid for a bra that matched her ivory skin perfectly during all of this.

Even a Google search of the word defines it as a ‘pinkish-beige colour.’ 'Nude is not a colour, it's a concept,' designer Christian Louboutin told when asked why he decided to expand his nude collection. If 'nude' is supposed to look natural and fit your complexion perfectly, with underwear merging to look flawless under sheer tops, and shoes which should ‘disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of the legs’ as Louboutin says his new ack in University whilst getting ready for a night out, one friend spotted me putting on my ‘nude’ shapewear shorts (the first of many nude buys I was convinced would suit me.) My friend, who has perfectly porcelain skin, mentioned that wearing white shorts under my navy dress wasn’t a good idea.

She was right, it wasn’t, but they were in fact ‘nude’ as stated on the M&S website I bought them from, they just weren’t nstead they looked like ridiculous cycling shorts against my brown legs, and so the debate ended with said friend writing a lovely ‘review’ of the shorts on the site.

I can get at least 10 hours of wear from these shadows.

I absolutely love the packaging and it feels good knowing my money is being spent uplifting and growing a black owned business and business owner. I am very late to the Juvia’s Place palette party – but I am doing the Snoopy dance of excitement now that I am here! The Nubian palette is one of the best (if not the best IMO) nude/neutral palette on the market. out-performs UD Naked, Tarte Lorac Unzipped, and my beloved Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette.

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The shadows are soft, super pigmented and very easy to blend.ater we’d realise that her bright option was the more flattering one when I took off my jumper at my desk and had two white triangles on my chest.

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