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20-May-2020 05:37

Perhaps he was truly called to marriage, but I couldn’t help but wonder if he was limiting his options.

(Didn’t I just hear you say that you always wanted to be a priest?

True freedom means that I strive to let go of outside pressures, and that I set aside my own agenda, in order to respond to God’s call, wherever that may lead.

I met a guy once who raised his hand during a Q&A session, and he prefaced his question by saying, “I’ve always wanted to be a He was convinced that marriage was his only option!

My point is to not put limits on what God wants for our lives.) Growing in freedom comes through prayer (talking as well as listening), through honest discernment (is this something that I want, and is it what God wants also?

), and maybe taking a risk to try something new (a geographical move, a career change, accepting a first date with someone who may not necessarily be “your type”, trying a new hobby).

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(There are some variations on the four F’s, but you can look up Question #3 for the official criteria here.) So, let’s take a brief look at how the church’s teaching on marriage can be beneficial to singles who are hoping to make a lifetime commitment with someone they love.) There was this sense of obligation that he MUST get married and that having children was the ONLY way he could be fulfilled. all of us will go through times when we are lonely or angry or disappointed … It’s OK to yell at God, talk to your best friend, even cry if you need to.

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