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They live in a low-income neighborhood in the periphery of Rio de Janeiro and ...See full summary » A trip to the mental institution hell.He thinks the uncle has confessed the crime as a cover-up for his girlfriend, who was the wife of the dead man....See full summary » André, relatively poor, falls in love with Silvia, a neighbor whom he spies with a telescope.Pedro: I'm not exactly famous for being patient with the opposite sex. This is a nice script experiment, involved in a very funny movie. Before, online, there were only dating sites or dating agencies but now very popular are dating apps, and we introducing to you one of the best adult dating apps - Passion Love Dating.There are a lot of positive sides of this hook up app, here are few of them:❤️ no registration required❤️ no need any personal info (no tel.

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In one, he is a man divided between the stability of a secure life in a lukewarm marriage, and the growing desire to live a great love affair. A really cool place that created the necessary environment to watch this movie. Three different stories based on almost the same script, with different characters and life situations. The one that all of us would like to be the `real' one, if there is such a thing like a real one, the one with the happy ending. This three parallel stories are not based, as `Run Lola Run', in three different consequences on how the main character decides in front of one situation.

In the second, he is homosexual and places passion above all else. This is a nice script experiment, involved in a very funny movie.

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The life and times of Cazuza, Brazilian singer/poet/enfant terrible, from his start with rock group "Barão Vermelho", to his death from Aids, in 1990, showing his career, love affairs, and involvement with drugs.