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18-Jan-2020 19:40

Fine Scottish fare, perfect people watching surroundings and some of the best wine and whisky north of the Clyde, a go-to bar for over 50s in Glasgow.

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Flying overhead, their wings make a sharp M or W pattern rather than a gentle curve.Perfect for those either unable to make it around the full 18 holes, or those looking for a little action when they go for a drink.Arisaig is a beautiful restaurant and bar in Glasgow, that a refined palette will certainly appreciate. But we reckon, even if you haven't been asked for ID since 1979, that doesn't mean you can't party hearty with the best of them.

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Okay so you might not want tear it up to Rihanna in a packed nightclub, but that doesn't mean you can't have a great night out, check out our guide to the best bars in Glasgow for nifty, thrifty, over 50s.That exposure to DDT caused Ospreys’ egg shells to become thin and break before hatching. Since then, their numbers have grown from just 1,500 nesting pairs nationally in the 1970s to over 10,000 pairs today.