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They want, as long as the recipient is not feeling.Seventy-four percent of married men would have an affair if they knew no one would find them out.Finally, a poll conducted by ABC News showed that sixteen percent of adults report that they have, "..strayed from a committed relationship." Signs That Your Partner is Cheating on You 1.If every time you walk into the room he or she abruptly finishes a phone call, you may have a cheating partner on your hands.If your significant other is spending an unusual amount of overtime at work it could be an indication that he or she is seeing someone else.A phone call to his or her workplace may help to confirm your partner's story or reveal another truth.A glittering night, the launch saw the aforementioned names hobnob with some of the most prominent faces in the Mumbai social circles and tuck into some delectable Northern Italian fare over glasses of the choicest wines and fine music!

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Which explains why Madhur Bhandarkar (who had no qualms in airing all manner of sexual activities in , Tarun Mansukhani, is at pains to point out that being gay in his film is neither a joke nor a political statement.He spoke about the several lunches at Serafina that have transcended onto dinner solely due to the great food and ambience.Suniel Shetty was the other big Bollywood name in the list of attendees."Our movie begins where others end," says Bali, whose heroine leaves the hero after two years of living together.

Every filmmaker has a red light flashing in his brain that warns him against offending the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Few filmmakers want to risk an adult certificate and cut off a substantial potential audience.

If every time you answer your partner's cell phone the caller hangs up, it may be cause for concern.