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11-Mar-2020 18:28

I would not be surprised 10 years from now(2017)if the number of Psoriasis cases had risen from the 2-3% (now) to an estimated 8-10%.

t r u s h a f t y 3 8 @ h o t m a i l . , 1 June 2006 (UTC)shafty I think I may have just deleted the section you were responding to.

The flush of hormones during pregnancy may tend to alleviate the symptoms. Hope this is helpful to any of you that suffer this problem. Due to a small injury the production of a protein called STAT3 is started but it will not be stopped. The growing of skin cells and the inflation is not ending.

I find this very convincing, more than the simple theory of something going wrong with the autoimmune system.-- .112 , (UTC) The researchers don't say that humans continue to express active STAT3 after healing process finished.

With today's world adding in more synthetic materials to our foods, more hormones, and chemicals we need to find what time period Psorasis came about.

If then we can find that gap in time, we could start clinical studies to find out just exactly what is causing this problem.

Evernut (talk) , 28 June 2011 (UTC) I think the term 'aggressive food' is a little bit too ambiguous..on earth is an agressive food? Jokes aside, maybe another word would be 'high GI food' 'known allergenic foods'. Welcome Nicgeorge - I agree a poor term, but I have no idea what is actually being implied here.

A reference might have helped clarify , plus of course help verify a possible alternative health claim.

Is this something that should/could be added here by someone with knowledge of the measure?

--Arcadian , 8 December 2005 (UTC) A phase III trial with etanercept showed 50% disease score improvement (but not 75%, which was the primary end point) but also marked improvement in fatigue (and less so, depression) associated with psoriasis[1].

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