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Poverty, drug and alcohol addiction, gambling and violence are an everyday reality.

These women live on the edge of society, frowned upon and ignored.

Sex workers continue to live in squalid conditions, isolated from the rest of society – trapped in a life of poverty and often slavery, from which, for many, there is no escape. But when I got to Victoria Terminus train station I met a girl who promised to get me a job in Bombay. We have a family room and no-one has sex in the family room. The eldest is about to go to America to study missionary work, sponsored by Bombay Teen Challenge.

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I have been working on images that portray intimacy, femininity and tenderness as well as showing the often-brutal reality of life within the brothels. I had to jump into the mud in the lane from the balcony to put the fire out. Eventually I stood up to him and I reported him to the police. He worked for [the NGO] SAI, which is how I know about it. But he died from AIDS about four or five years ago, and now I am HIV positive from him.

Even if I died, my children would be looked after and they would never have to enter this life.

I am not working as a sex worker anymore, and I never ever want to go back to it again." “People fortunate enough to live in China have a front-row seat to an astonishing transformation.

In November 2007 I began my photo-essay on a group of sex workers based in south Mumbai, who work with SAI – a small NGO – on the Didi (Sister) Project.

The women take what they learn about HIV, STIs and human rights back to their communities, and teach others about the importance of condoms and HIV testing.

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