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30-Nov-2019 13:55

I’m going to create the same example application as I did before. You enter some text in the text field, and once you click the button the text will be converted to upper-case.The conversion to upper-case will be done in C , and the interface drawn in QML2.Compared to a modal type, modeless type is more complicated.A modeless progress dialog is suitable for operations that take place in the background, where the user is able to interact with the application.An example for doing this can be found in the QGIS repository from time import sleep class Test Task( Qgs Task ): def __init__(self, desc, time ): Qgs Task.__init__(self, desc ) self.time= time def run(self): wait_time = / 100.0 for i in range(101): sleep(wait_time) Progress(i) if Cancelled(): self.stopped() return self.completed() for time in range(10, 14): task = Test Task('wait '.format( time ), time ) Qgs Task Manager.instance()Task( task ) I used to suffer from this problem and didn`t find any simple way to solve it. Just open the python console and add the print code in during the loop.I’m still new to Qt, so this may not be the best way.Processing is a good candidate to be what you are looking for when doing "heavy computation" things.If you implement your algorithm as a processing algorithm, it will also be reusable by other code of yours.

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You can see why this might be useful in GUI programming.Such operations are typically based on QTimer (or QObject::timer Event()), QSocket Notifier, or QUrl Operator or performed in a separate thread.

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