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30-Apr-2020 19:44

Since she's been so open about the fact that she is allowing a child molester to hang around her young son, that is all the information any of you need to alert the authorities. : Almost a year ago my husband caught me sleeping with one of our closest friends.

Someone should call child protective services and explain the situation as you know it. Maybe after your office shower, she will come home to find some social workers waiting at her door. Roommate Noises: While, yes, it is nearly the end of the year, it also isn't too late to invest in a white noise machine. (I do have a question whether it's advisable to keep earplugs in every night for hours—but maybe someone can enlighten me.) The roommate sounds experienced at her activity, so I'm assuming these sessions don't last all night but are actually rather brief. He was devastated and demanded I have no contact with the man if I wanted to save our marriage.

You are obviously a deeply caring stepmother, so just continue to be a stable, loving presence for your stepchildren. Love Letters: After four years with my partner, he tells me that he has some love letters from his teens, and he wants me to send them to him. I was very angry about these letters and he said they are his memories and he wants to keep them.

They could certainly use some grief counseling, and you and your husband would be helped by getting guidance from an expert on how to help them—and yourselves. Also, we've argued about photos of women from his past which he keeps because of the nice memories he has of them.

Look, the school year is almost over, your roommate decided she couldn't get through freshman year going hands-off, and there's not really any other time or place for her to indulge herself.

Just think of this as one of those "out of classroom" learning experiences admissions officers are always touting. UPDATE RE: Pregnancy After Unimaginable Tragedy: Thank you for your advice last week.

I told my husband about the pregnancy, and he's overjoyed.

I've been reminded of how we've survived the past few months: together, as a united family. (This is the letter writer from last week who now has full custody of her stepchildren because their mother died suddenly.

She discovered she was pregnant—hadn't told her husband—and was considering an abortion because of all the turmoil the family was under.) You're right, we do live in a world that sometimes feels like it's all chaos and unhappiness, and you know it's also one of incredible beauty and joy. There wouldn't be any people if children were only conceived who were guaranteed to come into the perfect situation.They did not cover this in freshman orientation, so I'm counting on you for some insight.

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