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Es kommt zum musikalischen Wettstreit mit der Gruppe 'The Perfs', die aus ihren ehemals besten Freunden besteht.

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The Nickelodeon executives who’ve worked on the development and production of How to Rock have been incredibly supportive of the show this past year. In it, Gravity 5 raises money for the school by performing singing telegrams in several different musical styles (including one like Big Time Rush, which is awesome).

A talented cast and catchy tunes are bright spots in the show, although this does invite the probability of song downloads and a soundtrack in the near future.

" /The show's ultimate message is that it's more important to be true to yourself than it is to be popular by your peers' standards, but it takes a lot of meanness on the part of the "in crowd" to illustrate that point.

They’re good people who want nothing more than to make the best shows for their audience. At the heart of the episode is a touching story about friendship. On September 29th, you’ll see “How To Rock a Yearbook” where Gravity 5 tries to get their own yearbook page, just like the Perfs have. You’ll also learn why Zander is so secretive about last year’s yearbook from his old school — and why Stevie and Kevin will stop at nothing to uncover the secret.

I know it wasn’t an easy decision for them — they truly do like the show — and I’m grateful for the time and energy they’ve put in to make How To Rock as good as it is. There are 3 new episodes in October, including “How To Rock a High School Sensation” with special guest star Romeo Miller and “How To Rock a Camping Trip” in which you’ll be shocked which of the gang takes charge after Zander eats some bad berries.

I hope it was as fun and rewarding for you as it was for me. I am truly sorry that the How To Rock storylines won’t be continuing for multiple seasons because I know you would have been following — and complaining — every step of the way.