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09-Jan-2020 17:42

The Church of Satan proclaims that we have free will and that fate plays no part in our existence.

People are accountable only to themselves and humanity.

Satanists originally used a live nude woman with her head pointing southward as an “altar of the flesh” for rituals, although live altars are uncommon nowadays.

The male members don traditional black-hooded or cowled robes.

Until last week, Robert Liani Jr., who owns the Coffee Time Bake Shop down the street, had no idea that The Satanic Temple was moving into the building that last housed an insurance brokerage and previously was a longtime funeral home.

Liani, who organizes a community pride landscaping competition among business owners in the area, said he doubts the temple will face much backlash.

Satan is a strong representation of how Satanists see themselves.

Chapters have engaged in a number of campaigns supporting causes such as separation of church and state and free speech.

He does not struggle with how a religious moral code might affect his existence.

A great deal of what traditional religions consider evil and carnal—attributes of the “Dark One”—Satanists consider natural.

Therefore, by worshiping invented gods, the religious actually worship human inventors.

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The Church of Satan promotes the belief that we are responsible to ourselves and not to a deity.“It wouldn’t be my favorite thing to put there,” Liani said.

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