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20-Feb-2020 23:53

But be very key is to have a good screening process..way when you meet some one, there are no doubt all they are cracked up to be.My screening process usually involves a casual meeting early on if there's mutual interest. Santa, and the asking God for favors bit, and the online Vanity list is a psychological misnomer... Get the hell out of this website and live with your new mate and make it work.If so, feel free to e-mail me if you'd care to discuss it. But otherwise, why lie about the person you are, eh? But then I haven't met someone on here who says she doesn't smoke then find out she does. I think your points are interesting but a little off-topic. I mean, honestly, if you can't feel comfortable being yourself, then what good is it going to be when you actually MEET the person you love? You can't keep up an act for too long, eventually it would weigh too much, and then it would take over, and you'd be back to being yourself, instead of this fake person you're trying to get others to like. Everyday I learn something I forgot or never learned before. Its really my only deal breaker so the rest can be lies. I would like to think that no one Lies intentionally in their profile. These guys who need 12 dates and have never been married by middle age need a psyche exam as to what they think they are in need of from a woman. Some people never even graduated high school, but become very successful in business. I've probably read more literary classics than most university professors, but I couldn't do a simple algebra problem. I have a girlfriend who can go anywhere and make 5 new friends in 15 minutes. WE TEND TO ONLY LIKE OUR OWN BRAND OF IT AND CALL EVERYOONE ELSE STUPID. I'm not certain if you're addressing my comments or not. Some of us just have opinions that don't meet others' scales. I'd rather rant on my blog profile and play with this damn website than date most of the guys here. They are rich and have values....damn I'm not marrying a Korean guy I can't talk to who I am not attracted to and runs an import business in the greater LA area. I get social input, and maybe, maybe....a decent fellow my age with pop in and we will hit it off. Now, I would imagine the same thing could be said of male profiles as well, but I have no experience in that regard!Is it simply a matter of deception, or is it really an unconscious SELF-deception at play here?

minus the attitude that you would stumble across with others.

Are profiles a reflection of what we WANT to believe about ourselves as opposed to who we really are?

I've seen plenty of people be "fake" in their profiles online.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not like everyone hasn't done it before. But after awhile, I realized that it doesn't do me any good. But yeah, plenty of "I'm soooo nice and sweet and I just want to have a serious relationship" usually means "Depending on who you are, I will not use you for a one-night stand." Or at least, that's from my little bit of experience. I actually find it quite amusing how important people feel profile descriptions are. I hate to seem cynical, because I'm really not, but profile descriptions are all sleight of hand, smoke, and mirrors.

Trying to look like a bad-arse when really I'm too soft, is not a good thing. I would agree that it is denial and self-deception.If I didn't , how could I go on a "blind internet date"? Mominatrix can always be counted on for the deadpan truth. And Hey, why flame the nice gal..wrote about "intelligence types" ..... Yet, I still get criticized by some sneaky little dude here I dated who didn't look like his picture much, but just can't stand that I'm on 100 plus favorites lists and the envy was killing him though I was the ONLY person with him on my favorite list ! You'de think he'd be happy to go out with me, but he was all twisted up.

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