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And so we say that a sexually healthy and responsible denomination would have policies, procedures, and bylaws that support sexual health. Sexually healthy congregation programs and policies. I'm going to talk about sexually healthy religious professionals in a minute. And we have, as you have seen, been quite out there in terms of prophetic witness. Those bylaws actually can't be changed except through a very long multi-year process. HAFFNER: Joani, he may have been wanting to stretch. And they say, yes, and I say, let's pull it out before we talk so I know what your policies are. And in fact we have an open letter on maternal mortality and reproductive justice for those of you are not familiar with what the change in that concept is.

Several of these other areas we have not done as well on, and in particular my area of greatest concern at the moment is our commitment to sexual abuse harassment and misconduct prevention. I have been told that that process will happen over time, but again your support would be important. CHIP ROUSH: But I'm not allowed to do that, evidently. CHIP ROUSH: I was kind of digging it, but this is cool. And then the person goes that was like in 1984, I'm not sure where it is.

And then they felt, for some reason, that in 1972 they had not done a good enough job. We also did another Action of Immediate Witness which was to support what was then called the REAL Act. And of course it's a great get out the vote issue for November. If you are from North Carolina, please sign one of these keep discrimination out of the Constitution. And I would be willing to try to start to do something to get a resolution which combines all the choice issues that are now floating around with reproductive justice. So you need to touch base with somebody on that commission. I've developed something called the CUHMP criteria. If you look at those five criteria, and we spell it out much more eloquently in the Declaration, in fact people can be in moral polyamorous relationships. Workshops and presentations at General Assembly (GA), the annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), have been provided by a variety of organizations and staff groups over the course of several decades.

And what was then called venereal disease, which is now called STIs. The interim was they were STDs, we now call them sexually transmitted infections. In 1994 we did pass a call for sexuality education in the public schools, in response to the emerging abstinence only program. ] has now been hired by the UUA, he starts in August, to be our new youth ministers and young adult ministry person. But now for the first time in, I don't know, a couple decades, the Republicans are in charge of both houses. There are two petitions or things of action besides the rally, and that's available at the Standing on the Side of Love booth, which is 727. TRACY HOLLISTER: Oh, you can you ask me, but booth 727, which is the big yellow booth for Standing on the Side of Love has—I personally gave them 500 of these postcards, and then they have the other petitions for business leaders for non-North Carolina people. However, I really do believe that we need to do something. I don't even know if they're going to handle resolutions, an immediate witness on anything else next year. An ethic that says no sex until marriage, based on the fact that biologically we mature at the age of 12 to 14, means that we are insisting as religious institutions in a 14 to 16 year old period of sexual unemployment. That the relationship needs to be based on love, commitment, honesty.

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And I just happen to have sign up sheets, so I'm going to pass them out, and if you would just pass them to the back of the room, and I'll ask for them at the end. So in 1963, two years after merger, we passed a resolution calling for the reform of—that should not say abortion statistics, it should say abortion statutes. In 1968 we called for the abolishment of abortion laws. In 1971 or 2 the Dallas Women's Alliance was studying abortion rights. I want you to note the last time we did this, then, was 15 years ago. Interestingly for me although I did not become a UU, I loved the little girl last night who said we are bringing people into the church. My daughter was three, we were looking for a religious home. So it had a teacher booklet, a student workbook, and then those infamous film strips. It started—because I remember seeing them early on in my career. And I am fairly certain that he is the only transgendered person who's been a senior minister in a pulpit. She was best known for the fact that she promoted orange juice, right. Now interestingly, as I'm going to show you in a second, we actually did not pass a transgender resolution until 2007. We were told because we did not require our kids to take the oath to God and we in fact allowed gay people to both be Boy Scout leaders as well as participants, that they rescinded our right to do this. Our primary goals are to defend our three local clinics against the local protesters and to collect legal evidence to provide buffer zones around our clinics. And so I'd like, in the name of protecting children, not to reproduce the sexual oppression that comes from these laws, which are political points scored by politicians, in a Victorian culture, in a Puritan culture in which Comstock laws are still being enforced. HAFFNER: Well, in fact, starting in 2012, there will now be a national sex offender registry. Most people are born as XXs if they're women, or XYs if they're male, but there are a whole series of ways that people are born where they're XXYs, XYYs, XXYYs. So in some ways there's a way that people are using that. SPEAKER 7: One of the concerns with using the term queer is that it eliminates any differences in experiences between those groups. In fact I wrote a lot, when in fact we went to LGBTT, which was the issue of being trans is very different than sexual orientation and conflating orientation with identity I think is the wrong thing. Ultimately I think what we're—most of us in the sexology field are talking about though, is that once we accept in our bones, in our hearts, in our insides that in fact sexual diversity and gender diversity is part of who we are and is a blessing, then maybe we can get rid of the labels completely. No pressure, of course, but we are trying to get to 10,000 people by the end of this year, so I'm hoping that as Unitarian Universalists we can count on you. So in 1977 a historic event was the passing of this women and religion business resolution, which called on us to examine where our own religious beliefs—to stop using sexist language. That's where you hit spell check and it tells you everything's spelled right. And then you all know that the New York law changed, 1973 was Roe v. Interestingly the '73 resolution was not in support of Roe, but actually was a response to that outcry against Roe. They invited a young attorney, Linda Coffee, to speak to them. I think it's probably time for a new reproductive justice resolution. HAFFNER: The only thing that has happened this past year, you all I'm sure followed the news, where in fact funding for Planned Parenthood almost brought the United States government to a complete standstill. One of my friends said, come to my Unitarian church but you have to come twice, because some weekends are not as good as others. It was literally one of those things that you put in that machine. A survey I did last year found—so if you compare this to the first data, that 24% of our ministers now publicly identify as either LGBTQ or I. And in that we definitely lagged behind the United Church of Christ, who had done it almost a decade earlier. So one of our clear needs, I mean, if you think about your own personal understanding of LGBTQ issues in the last 11 years? So we passed a resolution to change the discriminatory policies of the Boy Scouts. You may remember in Largo there was this city manager who was transitioning and then did transition and got fired. We passed an immediate resolution on repealing Don't ask, don't tell. If anyone is local and is interested in working with this I am available in booth 1029 where I am volunteering from until PM today. The State of California alone has over a 100,000 people on their sex offender registry, many of whom, for example, were 19 year olds who are having sex with their 17-year-old consensual partner. And let me just say, those of you are saying, oh, wouldn't happen in our congregation. And so there's an emerging movement for intersex people to be acknowledged and affirmed. And it's an area where by and large clergy and religious educators are not prepared. So what we've made the decision at the Institute to do is we're sticking with the alphabet until that there's a little more cultural consensus around there.

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