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I tried hard to get permission to visit them but I didn’t, so I made the decision to go without permission. One day a little boy carrying a bag of blood asked me why the people in my country never smile. While he looked at the blood he was carrying as a treasure to eat, he explained to me 'I smile all the time, I’m lucky.

Today I’m going to eat this and tomorrow I will see the sun again'. Normal sickness is rare; more common is diarrhoea and stomach illness or colds.

Here Havana shares his photos and stories with ABC News Online.

One day in Cambodia a boy told me he had been living for many years in the rubbish dumps.

Maybe they have also their own forum in Khmer how to scam us!

as you observed already, Pontoon is not a good place, not for the prices and not for the service.

Just 30 kilometres from Cambodia's world famous Angkor temples is an astounding sight tourists don't see.

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I believe it is not worth coming her for a few days like some people do as they are usually very disappointed.Spanish photojournalist Omar Havana spent seven months from October 2010 to April 2011 getting to know the people at the dump and documenting their lives.He says what he saw was was "from another world", but that the people are happy.Some ask for 40 $ ST (who pays that) and more, and the majority of them are not interessted in LT at all?!

Many of them are very cunning in the room, they wont keep the agreement!I think the girls in Pontoon are a mix of the following: Girls from hostess bars that have closed for the night - they flood into Pontoon from 1am onwards. Other freelancers from the Mall, usually the better ones.