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05-Feb-2020 19:06

Marvin Thomas, 20, who also was in the bar, bought Miller a drink and they danced one slow dance together and went separate ways in the Club. The next morning, Mosier drove by the Club and spotted Miller’s car in the parking lot. Search warrants were executed at their homes and their cars were seized.At about 11 p.m., Miller left the Club and Thomas was seen leaving not long after. He put a note on her car saying, “I knew you would do this. Parkersburg police searched the vehicles and found nothing, so the cars were sent to the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia for examination. You are a bitch, just like the rest.”Later that day, Miller was reported missing by employees at the hotel where she was staying.

The FBI said electrophoresis testing on the stain determined that the combination of enzymes in the bloodstain was present in 1.3 percent of white people and that Miller fell in that small group.

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