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I set my zone to 10 kilometres and began swiping through photos. Globally, the company says it sees more than 11 million new matches a day and hundreds of thousands of those are made in Canada.

The free app is only for smartphones and users need a Facebook account in order to download it and upload their photos.

since so many women love and identify with these characters, what are the best dating lessons we can learn from each of the fabulous four? The foundation of my dating advice for women is the concept of "dating yourself first." In other words, if you want a healthy relationship, strive for a full and satisfying life of your own and then seek a partner to share it with, rather than waiting to find your "other half" and expecting him to complete you.

Miranda Hobbes' character is an example of a woman who does just that: She pursues her career ambitions, making partner in a prestigious Manhattan law firm; enjoys reading, dining and taking in all the culture New York has to offer; and, of course, spends quality time with her favorite girlfriends.

Unlike online dating sites, Tinder wards off most unwanted suitors since both parties have to ‘like’ each other to chat. Pick up lines ranged from a simple “Salut” to “You look like a girl I’d want to order Asian babies with.” Soon I was going through a revolving door of first dates.

When things didn’t work out with my not-so-laid-back date ‘Jeremy’, Tinder made it effortless to start talking to someone new.

“Having so many available attractive alternatives might lead people to have inflated standards and make them less committed to any relationship they’re thinking of starting.” I’m not sure if I became pickier, but I did go from feeling overwhelmed to quickly forgetting about the last person I’d chatted with.

When the novelty of Tinder wore off, my account became a game for my friends in relationships.

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I've even noticed some die-hard fans in line at the box office sporting t-shirts proclaiming "I'm a Samantha," or "I'm a Charlotte." Being a relationship writer and somewhat of a Carrie Bradshaw girl myself, I couldn't help but wonder ...For some, Tinder isn’t so much a serious dating app as it is a confidence boost.A few friends who set out to meet someone on Tinder did end up in relationships.CHARLOTTE YORK Forget your "type." After two decades of dating men who met the requirements on her list -- tall, dark, handsome and WASP-y - Charlotte found the fulfilling relationship she longed for in the most unexpected form: her short, hairy, bald, Jewish divorce attorney, Harry. Since we met Carrie Bradshaw's character over a decade ago, we've followed her romantic adventures through a series of relationships - most notably Berger, The Russian, Aidan and, of course, Mr. Her inquisitive mind is both her biggest asset (her witty banter makes her a masterful flirt) and her greatest liability (she over-thinks).

The lesson here: love doesn't always come to you in the way you expect, so keep an open mind and heart or you might just miss it. Still, no matter how many times she's been hurt or disappointed in past relationships, Carrie gives all of her heart to the man she loves.

She doesn't look to her man to fulfill her every need.

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Although this attitude does seem to have a much shorter shelf life for women than it does for men.… continue reading »

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