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I have been a profesional fishing guide for over 8 yrs and also have been using Bill Lewis Lures since the 70's and the fish catching ability of their lures just will not let up. Also u can burn it really fast along shallows creating reaction strikes.Bass love colors are my favorite overall and shad colors with chrome are great choices for schooling fish!They have been around the longest and have a unique rattle that really triggers the strike! From: Comments: The Rat- L- Trap is the most genuine and oldest lure in the world.I have been using the Trap Lure for over 30 years and it has never let me down. The Toledo Gold in 1/2 oz is great to fish anywhere in any type of water.The Rattletrap is best known for ripping through shallow grass beds and surprising bad tempered bass waiting in ambush. Got largemouth and pike today at a surface temp of 79 and I've caught them right up to ice up in December.These baits will get pounded by hungry fish however you choose to fish them. These lures are tough as nails and the hooks sharpen well and are very strong.From: Comments: Rat-L-Trap set the original standard for what today is referred to as â•ÂË›liplessâ•Âˇ crank baits. There are countless copies but the RAT-L-TRAP is the legit Original.

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Rat-L-Trap makes a size and color for every possible scenario. From: Comments: I have been using the Rat-L-Trap brand since the early 90's and the work great. If I am having trouble catching them, I start throwing my trap.

Newer colors were released and man that Swamp Craw is the ticket right now!! From: Comments: Just returned from Canada and Rat-L-Trap is one of my new favorites.