Showing vulnerability dating dating chula vista

23-Jan-2020 19:30

Only in embracing our true nature, at our deepest core level, as emotional, vulnerable, and beings and our heart center is our core feeling center.When we block our heart, we block the feelings as well, and when we open our heart it feels unnatural to be anything but joyous.From this state, all things are possible and our drive, willpower, and strength align with who we really are, not what we fear.Any that lies outside of vulnerability is a façade built by fear.This doesn’t mean I’m overly emotional, but I do allow myself to be vulnerable, to drop my resistance and feel my way through my experiences, reflecting as needed in pursuit for higher meaning behind anything that would otherwise cause me pain.I’m acutely aware that everything is fleeting or temporary, and because of this I try my best not to take things for granted.Our feelings are indicators of our current alignment with our soul’s path and higher energy source.I used to stuff feelings down deep, especially negative ones, not understanding that by doing so I was suppressing my unique intuitive guidance system.

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Despite our best efforts, the boundaries that we’ve built around our hearts to protect us from feeling pain, discomfort, and hurt are the very chains that keep us tethered to it, disallowing us from feeling the opposites—joy, love and passion.From the vantage point of others, I had a good front of just being strong-willed and determined; and my fear of being judged by my dysfunctional upbringing was somewhat minimalized.