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I’m a solid 6; I often say that I wanted to get out of a vagina at one point in my life, but ever since then I’ve never had the slightest interest in going back into one.Conducting prospective studies of this sort is not terribly practical, explain Bailey and Zucker, for several reasons.By “sex-typed behaviors,” Bailey and Zucker are referring to that long, now scientifically canonical, list of innate sex differences in the behaviors of young males versus young females.In innumerable studies, scientists have documented that these sex differences are largely impervious to learning and found in every culture examined (even, some researchers believe, in youngsters of other primate species).Finally, and perhaps the biggest problem with prospective homosexuality studies, not a lot of parents are likely to volunteer their children.

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I'm kind of a shy bisexual, so I felt myself crushing on all kinds of people, including gay men.There are signs, some would say omens, glimmering in certain children’s demeanors that, probably ever since there were children, have caused parents’ brows to crinkle with worry, precipitated forced conversations with nosy mothers-in-law, strained marriages and ushered untold numbers into the deep covenant of sexual denial.

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